Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Shaq Sized Regret

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The Big Aristotle, Shaq Diesel, Shaqtus, Superman has left the NBA for good. Yesterday, Shaquille O'Neal announced via Twitter that he was out. Retiring after an injury-riddled season with the Boston Celtics. I'm going to miss Shaq, though I suspect TNT is already trying to get him in the fold for next season. After all, Orlando to Atlanta is not a long flight.

Part of me wishes Shaq would've walked away from the league after LeBron James decided to destroy all teams in his path for the next decade. But a larger part of me wishes Shaq would've finished his career with the San Antonio Spurs, even if it was on San Antonio's injured list.

I saw Shaq play once in my career. It was at the Alamodome, my seats were under the basket closest to the Laker bench. The Spurs crushed the Lakers and everyone was thinking the Spurs could upset the Lakers in the playoffs. Then Shaq went in to playoff Shaq mode and led L.A. to one of their three titles.

When Shaq announced last summer that San Antonio was at the top of his list of preferred teams, I got more than excited about it, despite thinking the he was washed up. Sure, he and Tim Duncan would have become the slowest frontcourt since Shaq and Zydrunas Ilgauskas or really anytime Miami trotted out a front line that didn't involve Chris Bosh or LeBron. Though, Big Z and Juwan Howard was fun to watch in slow motion. Wait, that was in real time? But I digress.


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